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  • Hand Sanitizer – 60ml


    Put your mind at ease with our super friendly and efficient Hand Sanitizer. The pocket-friendly container allows you instant cleansing whenever you need fresh hands with a silky touch. Just add a small amount of liquid to your hands and you will feel safe and ready to go.

    • Travel size package
    • Non-sticky and non-greasy formula
    • Enriched with Vitamin E.

  • Hand Sanitizer – 500ml


    Whether you are at home or in a crowded office you can have clean hands instantly. With a single dispenser press, you will get enough liquid to sanitize your hands while keeping them soft and moisturized.

    Our 500 ml package will give every user the power to stay safe and calm. Without rinsing, non-sticky and non-greasy formula saves you time and effort, so you can keep your mind on your tasks.

    • Table/countertop design suitable for office and home
    • Non-sticky and non-greasy formula
    • Rich with vitamin E and essential moisturizers

  • Surface Disinfectant Spray – 750ml


    Surface disinfectant spray that will keep your work and living space sanitized and safe. With a few sprinkles, your exposed surfaces can be wiped clean.

    Suitable for all surfaces except polished wood, painted surfaces, leather, the fabric containing viscose and acrylic plastics.

    • Sanitizes and disinfects surfaces
    • Fast cleansing and easy to use

  • Hand Sanitizer – 5L


    The Atlantic Hand Sanitizer gel is quick and effective. Since hand sanitizer is a must-have in every shared space today our biggest package is ensuring the best value for money and safety in your and surroundings.

    Recommended for commercial use in offices, warehouses, malls, and outlets, it can refill your 500ml bottle of Hand Sanitizer up to 10 times. Our 5-liter hand sanitizer bulk container will help you to keep your dispensing points always filled.

    • Refills for dispensing points
    • Suitable for commercial use including offices, malls, warehouses, and outlets
    • Most economical package



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